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Yamaha Clavinova CVP-909 Digital Piano With Counterweight Keyboard and Bench Matte Black


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          The Yamaha Clavinova CVP-909 showcases the peak of digital piano technology, delivering an unparalleled grand piano experience in a sophisticated all-in-one package. With sound engines meticulously sampled from Yamaha CFX and B?sendorfer Imperial grand pianos, every note rings with breathtaking realism. From serious players to students, the CVP-909 provides all the tools needed to hone your skills and unlock new creative possibilities.

          Uncompromising Grand Piano Authenticity

          The heart of the CVP-909 lies in its astonishingly lifelike piano voices. Proprietary Grand Expression Modeling technology captures the full tonal nuances of not just one, but two of the most esteemed concert grands in the world��the Yamaha CFX and handcrafted B?sendorfer Imperial. As you strike the keys, you��ll experience the same rich resonance, sparkling overtones and dynamic expression as these masterpiece instruments. Every subtlety in your playing technique is accurately conveyed, from the gentlest pianissimo to the boldest fortissimo.

          The Ultimate in Keyboard and Pedal Action

          To fully replicate the grand piano experience, the Clavinova CVP-909 features the renowned GrandTouch keyboard action by Yamaha. This finely tuned system mimics the weight, momentum and even physical texture of an acoustic grand��s keys with absolute precision. The keys are woodgrained and have synthetic ebony and ivory tops, for an authentic look and feel. The included GP Response Damper also mirrors the nuanced control over damper resonance and subtle pedal movements a traditional damper allows. From the first key strike to the final release, your playing articulation translates with stunning realism.

          Endless Tonal Variety at Your Fingertips

          In addition to peerless grand piano voices, the CVP-909 gives you a comprehensive palette of 1,605 additional instrument sounds to explore. Woodwinds sing with breathy expressiveness. Strings resonate with a rich, enveloping warmth. Guitars, brass, synthesizers and beyond��each voice is recreated with meticulous detail using acclaimed Yamaha Super Articulation technology. Expand your creative horizons by layering and splitting these voices, then enhance them with the 675 auto-accompaniment styles spanning every musical genre. You��ll feel like you have an entire backing band following your lead.

          Comprehensive Practice and Performance Workstation

          Packed with powerful learning tools, the Yamaha Clavinova CVP-909 is an ideal platform for developing your piano and composition skills. The built-in song library contains 413 classics from yesterday and today, with notation that displays on its 9" touchscreen��guide lamps even light up the keys to show you what to play. From there, you can record your performances with a single touch, and you can even sing through the mic input while playing. With its pro-grade grand piano experience and limitless creative potential, the CVP-909 is one of Yamaha��s most advanced performance pianos.

          With its peerless grand piano authenticity, vast sonic palette and immersive features for learning and performance, the Yamaha Clavinova CVP-909 delivers an all-encompassing musical experience unlike any other digital piano. Elevate your playing to new heights by visiting your local Guitar Center and trying this flagship instrument for yourself.