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Yamaha Tour Custom Maple 4-Piece Shell Pack With 20" Bass Drum Caramel Satin


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          Yamaha's Tour Custom Maple 4-piece shell pack fuses the renowned tone and quality of Yamaha drums with a price ideal for working drummers. This all-maple shell pack produces Yamaha's signature warm, rich tone that projects with authority in any musical situation. With 5.6 mm six-ply maple shells, 2.3 mm DynaHoops, and Remo UT drum heads, the Tour Custom Maple provides a premium playing experience right out of the box.

          Legendary Yamaha Maple Shells

          Yamaha has been crafting maple drums for decades, using a proprietary staggered diagonal seam method to create ultraround shells that hold their shape through rigorous touring and recording. The Tour Custom Maple's 5.6 mm six-ply, all-maple shells deliver the focused, warm tone, wide dynamic range and singing sustain that Yamaha maple is known for.

          Professional Hardware and Heads

          Yamaha includes professional-level hardware and drum heads so you can achieve a pro sound right away. The kit comes with Yamaha's TH945C ball-and-socket tom holder for limitless positioning options. It also features Remo UT drum heads, which provide an open, resonant tone that you can shape to your musical needs.

          Stage-Ready Durability

          While the Tour Custom Maple provides an imitable tone and performance, it is also designed to handle the rigors of touring and constant use. The rounded 2.3 mm DynaHoops provide stability for accurate tuning and enhanced tone. Single-post lugs also maximize shell resonance. With a satin lacquer finish, the shells are protected while still allowing the maple grain to show through.

          Complete Your Setup

          The Tour Custom Maple 4-piece shell pack provides a professional core for your drum setup. Add your favorite snare drum, cymbals, pedals and drum throne to complete a kit tailored to your musical needs. Now available at Guitar Center, come get your Tour Custom maple 4-piece shell pack today.


          • 6-ply (5.6 mm) 100% maple shell with 45-degree bearing edges and diagonal seem construction
          • Absolute single-post chrome lugs for tuning stability and minimal shell contact
          • 2.3 mm steel inverse Dynahoops to focus fundamental resonance and provide tuning stability
          • YESS Tom mounting to maximize resonance and expand the frequency spectrum of each drum
          • Die-cast bass drum claws with standard thread tension rods
          • REMO USA drum heads
          • Cymbals, snare and hardware sold separately


          • Bass drum(s): 20x15"
          • Tom(s): 10x7", 12x8"
          • Floor tom(s): 14x13"
          • Snare: Not Applicable
          • Total pieces: 4
          • Shell material: Maple
          • Construction: 6-ply
          • Thickness (mm): 5.6 mm
          • Bearing edge: 45��
          • Reinforcement ring: Not applicable
          Drum Hardware
          • Material: Steel
          • Mounts: Suspended
          • Hoops: Proprietary
          • Lugs: Low-Mass
          • Heads: Branded
          • Finish type: Satin
          • Country of origin: Taiwan