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Yamaha Rydeen 5-Piece Shell Pack With 20" Bass Drum Mellow Yellow


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          The Yamaha Rydeen 5-Piece Shell Pack with 20" bass drum is a professional-grade drum kit offering unparalleled power and projection. Featuring 100% birch shells, Remo drumheads, and Yamaha hardware, this set provides a balanced, resonant tone designed to cut through live instrument mixes. The 20" kick drum delivers punchy low end, while the 10x7" tom, 12x8" tom, 14x13" floor tom and 14x5-1/2" snare offer a versatile range of tones suited for any music genre. With its striking finish and compact 5-piece configuration, the Rydeen Shell Pack is ideal for gigging drummers and a bold addition to any stage.

          All-Birch Shells Provide Warm, Balanced Tone

          The Rydeen Shell Pack is constructed from 100% birch, a dense hardwood known for its warm, balanced tone and wide dynamic range. The shells are 6-ply and 7.2 mm thick, providing an ideal blend of focus and resonance. When tuned, these shells speak with a clear, punchy voice that projects fully in live settings.

          Professional Hardware and Heads

          This shell pack includes cymbal stands, cymbal hardware and a snare stand (bass drum pedal not included). Remo UT drumheads are also provided, with a Powerstroke 3 on the bass drum and Emperor coatings on the toms and snare. Together, the hardware and heads ensure reliable, consistent performance and an authentic professional sound.

          Compact yet Versatile Configuration

          With a 20" kick drum, 10x7" and 12x8" toms, 14x13" floor tom, and 14x5-1/2" snare, the Rydeen 5-piece shell pack offers a compact yet highly versatile setup. The smaller bass drum provides focused punch, while the toms and snare offer a range of tones suited for rock, funk, punk, and more. An additional tom arm allows drummers to add on an extra tom for expanded range.


          • Bass Drum(s): 20x16"
          • Tom(s): 10x7, 12x8"
          • Floor Tom(s): 14x13"
          • Snare: 14x5-1/2"
          • Total Pieces: 5
          • Hardware: Not applicable
          • Cymbals: Not applicable
          • Shell Material: Info not available
          • Construction: Multi-Ply
          • Thickness (mm): Info not available
          • Bearing Edge: Info not available
          • Reinforcement Ring: Info not applicable
          Drum Hardware
          • Material: Steel
          • Mounts: Suspended
          • Hoops: Die-cast
          • Lugs: Proprietary
          • Heads: Factory
          • Finish Type: Multiple
          • Country of Origin: China