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Yamaha DTX10K Electronic Drum Kit With Mesh Heads Real Wood


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          The Yamaha DTX10K-M Electronic mesh-head drum kit is a flagship model that combines the highest functionality of e-drums with the beauty of acoustic drums. Featuring the KIT MODIFIER and LED Rotary Faders, this e-kit allows intuitive sound adjustments with the simple twist of a knob, giving drummers full control of their creative expression. The real sound and ambience, recorded in a world-renowned studio, the tactile feel of either 2-ply mesh, along with positional sensing on the ride and TCS snare all provide a natural feel and expressiveness to the set. The real wood birch wrapped shells, handcrafted and stained in the same factory as the Yamaha acoustic drums, give the beauty and presence of premium acoustic drums.


          • Faithful reproduction of real sound and ambience recorded in world-renowned studios
          • KIT MODIFIER featuring AMBIENCE, COMP, EFFECT knobs to easily create your own sound
          • DTX-PROX module features "Live Set" capabilities to recall prearranged kits, tempos and audio files with one touch
          • LED Rotary Faders changes various settings quickly and intuitively
          • Beautiful wood shells molded and finished at the Yamaha Drum factory
          • Dual-ply Mesh head from REMO provide a quiet, durable playing surface that can be tuned to personal playing preference
          • Ride cymbal pad has positional sensing for more expressive playing
          • Individual Out terminal outputs up to eight sounds, AUX IN terminal which can input monitor sound from PA
          • Connect wirelessly via Bluetooth to play along with songs
          • USB terminal can send/input audio and MIDI data to smart devices or PC?
          • Built on Yamaha��s interchangeable hardware, including the Hexrack system delivering top level flexibility and strength
          • Record, edit and mix with downloadable Cubase AI software included
          • Bass drum pedal sold separately