Pioneer DJ DJS-1000 DJ Sampler


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          The Pioneer DJ DJS-1000 standalone DJ sampler gives you the tools to craft unique sounds and remix on the fly. Whether you're a pro DJ looking to elevate your set or an aspiring producer honing your craft, the DJS-1000 provides an easy-to-use interface with powerful features to shape your own signature sound.

          Sample and Sequence With Ease

          The DJS-1000 makes sampling and sequencing a breeze. Sample external audio instantly and loop it with the touch of a pad. The 16-track step sequencer lets you assign samples and loops to tracks and trigger them as you wish. When you sample, the audio synchronizes with the sequencer so you can get creative right away. Use the touch strip to manipulate sounds in real time by bending pitch, playing drum rolls and more.

          Dynamic Performance Pads

          The 16 velocity-sensitive performance pads give you tight control over your samples and sequences. Play samples melodically or slice a sample into individual hits across the pads. Record your pad performances to the sequencer for instant remixing and looping.

          Built for the Booth

          Designed to integrate into any DJ setup, the DJS-1000 fits perfectly next to CDJ players and DJ mixers. Sync your performance to tracks playing on CDJs or XDJs using the Beat Sync feature and MIDI clock. The 7" color touchscreen provides an intuitive interface to access samples, sequences, and mixer functions at a glance. With USB support, you can easily manage samples and bring your own customized projects into your set.

          Powerful Effects and Samples

          Add texture and depth to your sounds with the built-in echo, reverb, filter and other effects. Apply effects to individual tracks, groups of tracks or your entire mix.


          • Standalone DJ sampler with 7 in. touchscreen
          • Intuitive, user-friendly interface
          • Size and form factor equal to that of CDJ-2000NXS
          • 16 performance pads
          • Touch strip allows manipulation of pitch and other parameters