Gemini MDJ-500 Professional USB DJ Media Player


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          The MDJ-500 packs tons of professional features into a compact, cutting-edge digital media player, all without the need for external software. It��s perfect for anyone who��s trying to break into modern DJing, as well as the experienced DJ looking for a more portable solution.

          At the focal point of the MDJ-500 is a large, 4.3 in. color screen that provides realtime visual feedback of your tracks. Full track information including title, time, BPM, and pitch are clearly displayed alongside the precise waveform window. Additional visual feedback for slip mode, hot cues and active loops mean you can confidently use scratches or hot cues without ruining your mix. The 100 mm pitch fader ranges pitch from 4%�C100%, so you��ll mix with surgical precision.

          Thanks to the MDJ-500��s intuitive interface, you��ll spend less time deciphering and more time experimenting with the 4 hot cues and 8 auto loops. The 5 in. touch-sensitive jog wheel with LCD display offers adjustable resistance so you can dial in the feel that��s perfect for you.

          Bonus MIDI capabilities mean you can even control the parameters of your favorite DJ software directly from the unit, routing your audio through its 24-bit/192kHz soundcard. Of course, the MDJ-500 is fully compatible with Gemini��s V-Case Library Management Software, which offers users a faster, easier way to manage their music libraries.


          • Flagship-quality USB media player with 4.3�� color screen, moving waveform, and onboard search and analysis
          • 8�� ultra-high resolution capacitive touch platter with center display delivers professional quality performance
          • Network linking opens up features like library sharing and BPM sync between units
          • Extensive auto-looping support includes 8 auto loops, loop roll mode, and dividing or multiplying loop lengths to create that perfect build
          • Up to 4 hotcues per track give you instant access to those important parts of your music
          • Built-in Hipass / Lowpass filter gives you unique mixing possibilities not found on other products
          • The smooth 100 mm pitch fader and adjustable pitch ranges from 4%�C100% let you mix with surgical precision
          • Adjustable platter tension and start / stop times let you dial in the feel that��s perfect for you
          • Multiple platter modes available, including slip mode, reverse play, vinyl, and stutter cue
          • MIDI Mode turns your MDJ-900 into the ultimate platter controller �C complete with on-screen deck info in Virtual DJ


          1 year limited warranty.