Yamaha YAS-480 Intermediate Eb Alto Saxophone Silver Plated


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          The Yamaha YAS-480 is an outstanding intermediate alto saxophone that provides impressive quality, performance and value. Optimized for smooth playability and an expressive tone, the YAS-480 boasts many of the advanced features found on Yamaha's professional models. The YAS-480 is a popular choice for advancing saxophonists ready to take their playing to the next level.

          Professional Neck Receiver Delivers Mature Sound

          With a 62-style neck influenced by Yamaha' saxophones, the YAS-480 produces a warm, full-bodied tone and quick response. Its redesigned neck receiver gives players the flexibility to choose between the included 62-style neck and those for Yamaha's Custom Z and Custom EX models. The new 62-style neck has been reengineered for improved tone and playability.

          Enhanced Low-End Key Mechanism

          An improved mechanism from low B to C# ensures consistent closing of the low C# key and a clear response from the instrument's low range. This enhanced mechanism, combined with the YAS-480's redesigned octave key system, provides flexibility and promotes accurate intonation across all registers.

          High-End Features and Adjustability

          The YAS-480 includes many of the advanced features found on Yamaha's professional saxophones, like separate key guards with adjustable screw cap stoppers for customized technical adjustments. Its left-hand seesaw key has been designed for increased playability and comfort. The hand-engraved bell pattern adds visual appeal and gives players an extra sense of pride in their instrument.

          Durable Yet Lightweight Body

          Constructed from durable yet lightweight materials, the YAS-480 produces a resonant, projecting tone while remaining comfortable to hold and play. Its rock-solid build quality keeps the instrument in peak playing condition, minimizing time in the repair shop.


          • Hand engraving
          • Compatible with Custom Yamaha necks
          • Enhanced neck
          • Key guard
          • Left-hand seesaw key
          • Improved Low B-C# connection


          • Level: Intermediate
          • Key of Eb
          • Neck: Annealed; Original YAS-62 design
          • Neck: Material Yellow Brass
          • Body: Material Yellow Brass
          • Key: Material Yellow Brass
          • Key: Buttons Polyester
          • Tone Holes: Drawn
          • Auxiliary Keys: Front F; High F# Key
          • Mouthpiece: AS-4C
          • Mouthpiece Cap: Plastic
          • Ligature: Yellow Brass; Clear Lacquer
          • Spring Type: Stainless Steel
          • Pad Type: Waterproof leather and wool felt with plastic tone boosters
          • Bell Decoration: Stamped
          • Thumb Hook: Adjustable Plastic
          • Pivot Screw: Straight-tapered with head, nylon lock (adjustable)
          • Mounting: Post on Body